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Helping you find meaningful relief and a better normal

For most allergy sufferers, no matter what you do or take or try, something just isn’t working. So, a little better is as good as it gets, and you spend a lifetime explaining, I’m not sick, it’s just allergies

Sound familiar? We thought so. The truth is that real relief from your miserable allergies is so close — you just need a little help to find it. And that’s where we come in.

With Toucan, you can expect:
• Solutions for meaningful relief
• A personal toolkit with exactly what you need
• Better guidance on how to treat
• A smarter purchasing experience (goodbye, drugstore!)
• Allergy experts, always available

How Toucan Works:


Get the treatment plan that’s right for you. Choose for yourself, or submit an easy online consultation and let the doctor decide what you need.


Skip the trip to the drugstore. Your allergy treatments will ship right to your doorstep — and at half the cost you’d pay at the pharmacy.


Take your treatments as instructed. Have questions? A Toucan doctor is always here for you.

 Find the right treatment for you.

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